Teaching for Mastery (Primary):  What Makes an Excellent Lesson Design?


Refining teachers’ understanding of lesson design is a crucial element of developing teaching for mastery.  Teachers in this Work Group will work together to plan exemplar lessons (drawing on new Mastery Professional Development materials produced by NCETM/Maths Hubs) and in so doing will improve lesson design across their school.

Who is this for?

Schools that have made a significant commitment to teaching for mastery in their curriculum planning are invited to nominate two teachers for the Work Group.  One of these should be in a middle or senior leadership role (ideally the Maths Lead) with experience and expertise in teaching for mastery.  Schools that have previously been part of a teaching for mastery Work Group and are looking for ways to continue to develop their expertise in this area would be particularly suitable.

What is involved?

Approximately 1 day per term attending a local workshop to: share understanding of key elements of lesson design; become familiar with the Mastery Professional Development Materials: agree planning format; discuss and review progress; and evaluate the project.  In between these meetings, schools will work in pairs to plan and deliver lessons, and then observe each other where possible, with a focus particularly on the small steps required in teaching for mastery. They would also collate evidence of working with the new materials.

Intended Outcomes

We expect that, by the end of the Work Group:

  • Teachers will have a deep understanding of the elements of effective lesson design
  • Participant schools will create their own ‘planning for mastery document’ which articulates the expected journey for maths planning in their school.
  • Children from participant schools will feel more engaged with the subject and therefore make better progress

A selection of lesson plans, approved by the NCETM, will be published alongside the Mastery Professional Development Materials to demonstrate how the materials can be used to develop effective lesson plans.


There is no charge for teachers and schools to take part in this Work Group. All costs are met by Maths Hub funds.

Led by Suzanne Carter

Suzanne has been teaching for the past 20 years and she is a Maths lead at Ramnoth Junior School.  Most of her experience has been in KS2. She has completed the accredited maths lead course and also participated in a Mastery Teacher Research Group.


Tuesday 27th February 2018

Tuesday 27th March 2018

Tuesday 24th April 2018

Time: 1.15-3.15 pm

Venue: Ramnoth Junior School, Wisbech PE13 2JB

Book your place here

Places are limited to 16 participants. The first eight schools to apply will be given a place. There is a £40 fee for failing to attend.