Mastery conference was held in Cambridge on 10th October 2016.
Speaker : Debbie Morgan, Director for Primary Mathematics at the NCETM

Workshops conducted:

Mastery  workshops focussing on procedural variation at KS1 & KS2
Mastery stream for Head Teachers
Workshop looking at Singapore text books
Mastery and struggling learners
KS3 Mastery


Debbie Morgan : SATS & new GCSE
Debbie Morgan : Identifying effective strategies
Procedural variation at KS1
Procedural variation at KS2
Nick Wong: Mastery at KS3
Swavesey: Mastery at KS3
Singapore Text Books
Diane Hawkes & Cordelia Myers: for Headteachers

Resources – Swavesey VC

Year 8 Basics of Algebra assessment
Master collection of individual sheets
Factorising lesson