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Singapore Maths with Dr. Yeap Ban Har

Here is information from the organisers about this event:

We are delighted to announce that the world’s leading expert on the Singapore method and inspirational speaker, Dr. Yeap Ban Har, is coming to Suffolk! This is a fantastic opportunity for teachers, maths leads and headteachers in East Anglia to experience his world class CPD. Led by world-renowned Singapore maths expert Dr. Yeap Ban Har, this course focuses on developing an understanding of both problem solving and fractions rooted in the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract model. You’ll learn how to teach problem solving and fractions using pictures, manipulatives, and naming practices to develop and ensure a deep understanding in all students — regardless of prior attainment level.  This concise yet in-depth maths training course gives you easy-to-use, practical ways to teach problem solving and fractions for mastery in a primary context. Expect to leave this course inspired and equipped to implement fresh skills in your classroom right away.

DATE: FRIDAY 22 MARCH 2019, 10AM – 1.30PM
Venue: Centre for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge

The Naboj international competition is coming to Cambridge for the first time on 22 March 2019. Naboj is a fast-paced, problem-solving Maths competition for teams of five Y12 and Y13 students, designed to promote mathematical ability, inventiveness, ingenuity and teamwork.

The teams of five have two hours to complete as many problems as possible. The competition will take place simultaneously in Cambridge, Edinburgh, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Hungary and Romania. In each of these sites there will be a local leaderboard ranking individual teams, and students will also be able to compare their performance in the national and international ranking.

The Naboj competition is designed to give an opportunity to apply your mathematical knowledge to solve a range of interesting and challenging problems. It encourages and rewards teamwork and co-operation, and provides an exciting and fun opportunity to test and stretch your problem-solving skills.

The Cambridge Naboj competition will be run on the day by volunteer students and staff from the University of Cambridge, and will provide an opportunity to meet and engage with keen mathematicians from other schools and the University.

For more information and to register a team to take part, please see

Booking opens on Monday 18 Feb and closes on 8 March.

The Cambridge Branch of MA/ATM will have its next joint meeting on 19 March, at which Prof Geoff Wake (Nottingham University Centre for Research in Mathematics Education) and Lucy Rycroft-Smith (Cambridge Maths) will be leading a session on variation theory. The meeting is being hosted by the NRICH team at the Faculty of Mathematics on Wilberforce Road. As usual doors wil be open at 4 for drinks and networking and the session will run from 4.30-6pm. 

The AMSP is offering a brilliant day for Year 10 students on Thurs 4 April 2019 at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge.

Take Maths Further! – Year 10 Enrichment Day

The Advanced Mathematics Support Programme invites you to a day of stimulating mathematical talks and activities designed to help students see the usefulness and fun of maths beyond the curriculum.

Schools may bring up to 12 students and an accompanying teacher free of charge, this event is open to all state schools.

Further information is available here:

Royal Society’s STEM Projects grant

Teachers, of students age 5 to 18, could receive up to £3,000 to run an investigative STEM project in the classroom through the Royal Society’s Partnership Grants scheme. Projects are run in partnership with a STEM professional and the next round of funding opens on February 1st. To find out more, including information about how to develop your STEM partnership and the application process, please visit the Royal Society’s website or contact the Education Outreach team.

Ri Masterclasses – Speaker training opportunity

The message below has come from the Ri about leading workshops at the Saturday morning sessions.  The Cambridge masterclasses are linked here.  The opportunity below is aimed at teachers from across the country who might be interested in leading a session.

The Ri Masterclass programme opens young people’s eyes to the diversity of mathematics, engineering and computer science. All over the UK, keen young people attend series of usually six workshops to explore areas of these subjects outside their school experience. Students from a range of schools in each series’ catchment area are put forward by their teachers, who are asked to choose those they feel would benefit most from attending. The programme aims to allow students to gain a deeper understanding of the wonders and applications of these far-reaching subjects and to continue their interest and engagement into later life. We work with local STEM professionals, educators and academics to support them to develop and deliver interactive and theoretically deep workshops based around their own favourite topics. Our workshop leaders (known as speakers) share their enthusiasm and experience, helping to nurture curiosity and a sense of inquiry among the Masterclass students. Across the UK we have programmes at both primary and secondary level.

ATM and MA Cambridge Joint Branch