Primary Projects 2018-19

Code Project Description Flyer
NCP18-08 Primary teaching for mastery Work Groups 2018-19 This project is part of the continuing programme to develop teaching for mastery in mathematics in primary schools. Each Maths Hub has a team of primary Mastery Specialists who have taken part in national training and each of these specialists leads a group of 6 or 7 schools in developing their approach to teaching for mastery, through collaborative professional development and bespoke in-school support. Primary teachers interested in developing a mastery approach to teaching maths in their school are invited to join this exciting large-scale project.
NCP18-10 Mastery readiness This project will develop consistent approaches to vital skills and practices for schools not yet in a position to access the main teaching for mastery programme. Participant schools will access 5 free workshops and regular high quality bespoke support from a trained Mastery Readiness Lead – they will then get priority to participate in teaching for mastery Work Groups (see above) in Autumn 2019, complete with the associated funding.
NCP18-11a Lesson design inc. use of PD materials and textbooks (Primary teaching for mastery focused issue) The focus of this project is on designing effective lesson plans in a teaching for mastery context, making use of key resources such as the mastery professional development materials and textbooks. Schools that have taken up the textbook funding may be particularly interested in getting involved. Teachers will develop their understanding of the big ideas in mastery and be confident in planning for small steps in learning.
NCP18-11b Intervention in a mastery context (Primary teaching for mastery focused issue) This project will consider different models of intervention in a teaching for mastery context to ensure that mathematics teaching has maximum impact for all children. Teachers and leaders participating in Work Groups will further their understanding of teaching for mastery by using case studies and research to inform their practice. They will trial an intervention model of their choice in school and will document their observations to share with others as part of the national project.
NCP18-11c Planning for greater depth (Primary teaching for mastery focused issue) This project will consider how teachers can provide opportunities for all children to work at a ‘greater depth’ within the teaching for mastery context. Work Groups will focus on developing teachers’ understanding of how to facilitate activities and questions to ensure that there is sufficient challenge for children when they are ready for it.
NCP18-14 Y5 – Y8 continuity Teachers from different phases will work together in this project to improve communication between Key Stages 2 and 3. Participants will take an aspect of the mathematics curriculum or a pedagogical approach as the focus for their work and develop a consistent approach to it through discussion, joint lesson design and delivery, observation and the development of documentation to support continuity. Work Groups will either select their own focus, or explore multiplicative reasoning.
NCP18-20 Primary SKE (Subject Knowledge Enhancement) Primary teachers wishing to develop enhanced mathematical subject knowledge to improve their mathematics teaching are invited to take part in this project. Teachers will not only develop deeper, more connected understanding of topics on the primary maths curriculum but will explore how children learn mathematical concepts and ways to support this. The approaches developed will be consistent with teaching for mastery.
NCP18-21 Teaching Assistant SKE (Subject Knowledge Enhancement) Teaching Assistants involved in this project will develop key stage specific subject knowledge to enable them to support and/or deliver mathematics in the classroom or in small intervention groups. The project will enable TAs to develop deeper understanding of both the content and pedagogy of the maths curriculum and understand how TAs are most effectively deployed for impact on learning.
NCP18-22 Developing working partnerships with ITT providers The aim of this project is to further work already being carried out in many Maths Hubs who are working with local ITT providers, establish what is working well and spread good practice across the Maths Hub network. In each Hub there will be a Work Group Lead who is already a member of the ITT community. During the year the Work Group Lead will contact all local ITT providers and support the development of a network for these, promoting good practice and sharing work on the teaching for mastery approach with trainee teachers.
NCP18-23 Developing working partnerships for SEND and mathematics Work Groups in this project will be formed with at least one special school working with a small group of mainstream schools (either primary, secondary or both). They will promote reasoning and use of manipulatives, providing a different approach to working with SEND students across mainstream and special schools. The pedagogy introduced, and any resources trialled, would support the principles of teaching for mastery.
NCP18-04 NCETM accredited PD lead programmes This ongoing work in all Maths Hubs is for practitioners involved in leading the professional development of colleagues and seeking to gain accreditation as an ‘NCETM Accredited Professional Development Lead’. Participants will take part in three face-to-face days (bespoke to Early Years, Primary, Secondary or Post-16) over the course of 2018/19, together with institution-based work and individual study undertaken in between these days. They will plan, run and evaluate a professional development programme for a group of teachers and record their planning, evaluation and reflection.
NCP18-01 Primary Mastery Specialists Programme – Cohort 4 The Mastery Specialist Programme is now in its fourth year. Each year 140+ primary teachers are recruited, and the programme is aimed at developing the necessary skills and expertise for participants to be awarded the status of primary Mastery Specialist.
NCP18-09 Sustaining 2017-18 teaching for mastery Work Groups Schools who were part of a Work Group supported by a primary Mastery Specialist in the academic year 2017-2018 are encouraged to take part in this project. Each Work Group will be able to access £4000 to support schools to participate. The Work Groups aim to ensure that momentum gained in 2017/18 is sustained and that schools involved can support one another in building effective structures to embed teaching for mastery.
INN18-01 Maths in Stories
INN18-03 Calculate, don’t Count!