CPD Events and  Work Groups  for teachers of years 7 -11

National CPD events:

Mastery at Secondary – We have four Secondary Mastery Specialists in the county who leads Teacher Research Groups (TRGs) with a focus on helping schools implement the Principles of Mastery.

Thinking mathematically and improving students’ reasoning – The Work Group offers nationally coordinated support to teachers and their departments to address the reasoning and problem-solving challenges of the mathematics curriculum and its assessment in the new GCSE.

Y5-Y8 continuity – This project is separated into two independent Work Groups:
The first aims to facilitate secondary teachers working with their primary feeder colleagues to develop a particular area of Mathematics. More info.

The second Work Group looks more specifically at Multiplicative Reasoning, but still aims to facilitate secondary teachers working with their primary feeder colleagues. Dates: 6th Dec, 7th Feb, 21st March, 6th June 2018

Difficult topics at GCSE – This Work Group aims to gather evidence from teachers’ early experiences with the new maths GCSE. With this information participants will develop new, or re-shaped, teaching approaches to match the new challenges which will help students succeed at both Higher and Foundation level.
Dates: 29th Nov, 31st Jan, 7th March, 2nd May and 13 June. Book now

Local innovation groups include:

NRICH – This Work Group allows participants time to explore the NRICH website and look at a variety of problem solving activities. Dates: 22nd Sep, 3rd Nov, 8th Dec 2017

NQT, RQT and Non-specialists – This Work Group will be based at Cottenham Village College and starts later this month. It is aimed at supporting those who are still relatively new to the maths classroom.
Dates: 22nd Nov, 24th Jan, 14th March, 9th May, 27th June.

Maths for Geography Teachers – This Work Groups aims to support teachers of Geography who are now required to teach significantly more mathematical content in their new courses.
Date: 7th Feb 2018