Strategic Board

We have some key local leaders who are able to offer advice and guidance to the Hub.

Chair of Strategic Board is Lynne McClure (Director, Cambridge Mathematics).

Name Organisation
Nick Beech Peterborough Children Services
Lesley Birch CEO and Executive Principal, Cambridge Primary Education Trust
Chris Dale Senior Regional Lead, NCETM
Andrew Daly Executive Principal, CMAT 
Jamie Freeman Head of mathematics, Comberton Village College
Simon Krintas Governor, Cambourne Village College
Ems Lord Director, NRICH
Lynne McClure Director, Cambridge Mathematics
Stephen Munday Chief Executive, CAM Academy Trust
Cordelia Myers Maths Hub Lead
Ruchi Sabharwal Assistant Headteacher, The Weatheralls Primary School
 Sharon Tripconey AMSP National Coordinator
Rosemarie Sadler Head of the Schools Intervention Service
Harriet Rhodes University of Cambridge
Nicholas Sample Senior Manager, School Program, ARM

[The private Strategic Board admin page is here.]