Work Groups 

The Cambridge Maths Hub offers free quality Professional Development to Maths Teachers across the county. This mainly takes the form of work groups. Teachers learn new strategies or receive new ideas, put them into practice in the classroom, reflect collaboratively and then refine. Most of the sessions are led by outstanding teachers willing to share good practice.
The Hub works with a variety of schools, individuals and organisations.
CMH Work Groups for 2017-18
Code Name
NCP-17-01 TfM specialist cohort 3
NCP-17-02 Secondary Mastery Specialists
NCP-17-03 NCETM accredited PD lead pgms
NCP-17-04 Local leaders of maths education support network
NCP-17-06 Early years
NCP-17-08 Teaching for Mastery focussed issue development work groups(primary): lesson design
NCP-17-09 Mathematical thinking for GCSE effectiveness work groups
NCP-17-10 Y5-Y8 continuity development work groups
NCP-17-12 Challenging topics at GCSE development work groups
NCP-17-14 Primary teacher SKE development work groups
NCP-17-15 Teaching Assistant SKE development work groups
NCP-17-17 China England exchange
NCP-17-18 Teaching New GCSE Mathematics Resit
NCP-17-19 Post-16 Mathematics Leadership
NCP-17-20 Core Maths
NCP-17-21 New A- level using technology
IN17-EE2-01 Problem solving using NRICH
IN17-EE2-02 Maths for Geography teachers
IN17-EE2-04 Teaching for Mastery in Early years
IN17-EE2-05 Using NRICH resources to develop reasoning and problem solving
IN17-EE2-06 Calculate Don’t count
IN17-EE2-07 Maths in Stories
IN17-EE2-09 NQT/RQT developing pedagogy
EC17-EE2-01 Local Special needs conference
EC17-EE2-02 Introductory Conf for Mastery WG schools July 2018

We are always keen to expand our network so please do get in touch to find out more. For enquiries, contact