Primary ITT Maths Conference

This FREE conference has been jointly funded by the Cambridge Maths Hub and The CAM Academy Trust.  It is for any trainee primary teachers who have, or have previously had, placements within Cambridgeshire, Peterborough, West Suffolk or King’s Lynn and West Norfolk.

The afternoon will include:

  • An Introduction to teaching for mastery in maths using the 5 Big Ideas
  • Three 45 minute workshops chosen from the list below, followed by ten minute breaks
  • Presentation on: What is a Maths Hub?  How can I get involved?

All workshops will be delivered by practicing teachers who are Cambridge Maths Hub primary teaching for mastery Work Group leaders.

  • Using subitising to build number sense
  • Using a class journal to encourage and reflect upon mathematical thinking
  • Teaching maths in a mixed-age classroom
  • Introduction to additive reasoning using the mastery 5 Big Ideas
  • Introduction to multiplicative reasoning using the mastery 5 Big Ideas
  • Introduction to fractions using the mastery 5 Big Ideas
  • Introduction to geometry using the mastery 5 Big Ideas

Date: Wednesday 10th March 2021, Time:  1 pm – 4:30 pm

Primary Maths Collaborative Lesson Reflection and Planning

There are two opportunities to join Primary Mastery Specialist Teachers to take part in collaborative lesson reflection and planning.

During each session you will have the opportunity to discuss mastery lesson features in the recorded lesson. You will then work with the specialist to plan the next lesson in the sequence.

  1. Tuesday 23rd March 1:30pm—3pm: Y4 Compare and Order Fractions Lesson 

  2.  Wednesday 14th April 1:30pm—3pm: Y5 Equivalent Fractions Lesson