Specialist Knowledge for Teaching Mathematics Programmes: Pattern focus

Who is this for

This Work Group is ideally suited to more experienced EY practitioners, and those who have previously attended the EY Subject Knowledge WG which focused on Number, who are wishing to further develop their practice by exploring another area of maths learning.

School based practitioners working within pre-schools/ nurseries and/or Reception classes are invited to attend. (Schools with pre-schools may send practitioners from both age groups.)

Participants’ schools should be committed to developing pupils’ deep understanding of mathematics and must have the capacity and commitment to support them throughout the programme.

What is involved?

1 full day and two half days of workshops with other practitioners on the programme

Independent study and setting-based work including gap tasks and evaluation

Intended Outcomes

Practitioners who are experienced in developing children’s deep conceptual understanding of number using a teaching for mastery approach will further develop their practice by focusing on the development of pattern awareness in the Early Years. They will increase their knowledge base, engage with research, analyse their own practice and collaborate with peers. They will be able to share their new knowledge and approaches with colleagues to increase levels of children’s engagement and confidence in maths.

Expectations of participants and their schools

Participants are expected to attend all the sessions and complete gap tasks in their schools between the sessions. They will also be asked to keep a learning log for their own use and contribute to the national evaluation process, probably through a short online survey after the Work Group has finished. The participant’s school/setting must have the capacity and commitment to support them throughout the programme.

Participants in this Work Group will be expected to attend 1 full day and two half days of training:

Day 1: Friday 20th March: 9am – 3 pm (Wheatfields Primary School)

Day 2: Wednesday 29th April: 1.30 – 4pm (Thorndown Primary/Pre-school)

Day 3: Wednesday 3rd June; 1.30 – 4pm (Thorndown Primary/Pre-school)