Here are some tasks we think are particularly good for geometrical work in Years 7 to 11.

[Last update 20 June 2020]

Year  Theme/Description Activity Type /Maths content Task summary Printer  You will need
Y8, Y9, Y10 Area Puzzles using rearrangement Problem solving Geometrical ideas, area of a square and circle Find some links between different parts of intriguing diagrams No nothing
Y9, Y10 Properties of triangles investigation Investigation Geometry – angle facts, midpoints Find midpoints of sides of a triangle and join them. Conjecture about the shape. Yes nothing
Y7, Y8 Rods & Triangles Investigation properties of shapes Use rods of different lengths to form triangles No pen and paper
Y7,Y8 Designing a chocolate box and investigation  Practical maths Design and make a chocolate box, then investigate how the volume changes No pen and paper
Y7 to Y10 Curvy areas Investigation Area of a circle, semi-circle Explore the areas of shapes made of circles and semicircles No pen and paper