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Level 3 Lead:

Cambridge Maths Hub are recruiting for a Level 3 Lead. The successful candidate will take a leadership role in coordinating professional development for level 3 teachers.  They will work with schools, colleges and sixth form providers across the county and in some neighbouring LA districts. The role is half a day a week.

Level 3 Lead Job description

Level 3 Lead Person specification

Level 3 Lead Application


We have a number of colleagues (across all key stages) who are seconded to work with us for part of their week.

If we are advertising a secondment you would need to have the support of your head teacher, would apply (using the information that appears, when appropriate, further down this page) and would then be interviewed.  

Secondments range from half a day each week to several days, might have a particular CPD focus (such as Mastery), or might be based in a particular location.

If you are interested in a secondment with us, please email

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