Mixed age planning in the context of teaching for mastery

Schools that have mixed age classes are invited to nominate two teachers for the Work Group. Where possible, one of the teachers attending the Work Group should be in a middle or senior leadership role (ideally the Maths Lead).

Please note participants in this Work Group need to have participated (or currently be participating) in the Teaching for Mastery Programme.

Intended Outcomes

Participants will deepen their understanding of teaching for mastery and be able to use different models to deliver a mastery curriculum within a mixed age setting. They will also develop and begin to implement a coherent policy appropriate to the setting, to support teachers in designing and teaching lessons to meet the needs of learners from mixed age groups.

Expectations of participants and their schools

Participants will attend three face-to-face days with the Work Group Lead and participants from other schools.

Gap tasks will be set with focus questions to support reflections which are then discussed at the following meeting.

Participant schools will contribute to case studies based on their reflective journals on the success of particular models or the combination of approaches used.

Venue 1: Fen Drayton Primary School, Cambridge, CB24 4SL

Dates: 21st Nov, 6th Feb, 4th/11th Mar (TBC) and 4th June

Time:  9.15-12.00

Led by: Rosey Durham and Jo Cayley

Venue 2: Burrough Green School, New Market, CB8 9NH

Dates: 25th Nov, 3rd Feb, 4th/11th Mar (TBC) and 8th June

Time: 9.15-12.00

Led by: Jordana Watts and Angela Harris