Here are some tasks we think are particularly good for Number work in Years 7 to 11.

[Last update 31 May 2020]

Year  Theme/Description Activity Type / Maths content Task summary Printer  You will need
Y7, Y8 Working with times tables cryptarithms with times tables multiples, reasoning Working with times tables to compare them No nothing needed
Y7, Y8 Linear Sequences – problems and investigation solving puzzles, investigating linear sequences that start with a number Solving missing number problems involving interlocking linear sequences, also investigating linear sequences No nothing
Y7, Y8 Vedic Maths Following rules, spotting patterns What is a digital sum? What patterns can you see? Optional Squared paper or printouts
Y7, Y8, Y9 Combining Cuisenaire Investigation / Adding and subtracting, strategic thinking, leading to geometric sequences Use interactive Cuisenaire rods to investigate making different lengths by combining up to three rods. Which are the best rods to choose? What’s the maximum number of different lengths you can make? No Use squared paper or the interactive environment.
Y7 Using addition to make numbers Addition, working systematically, mathematical thinking Explore the numbers that can be made by adding different combinations of four numbers. Try to find the largest/smallest and identify gaps. No pen and paper
Y7 to Y10 Calculator FACT key Exploration Factors Explore the FACT key on a calc and the maths behind it optional Casio calc.
Y7 to Y10 Got It Investigation Logical thinking Find a strategy to win the game no pen and paper
Y7 to Y8 Describing numbers Investigation Factors, logical thinking, properties of numbers Work out the number from the clues optional pen and paper