Many of the tasks we are posting in this section of the website don’t fit neatly into just one area of the curriculum. We generally try to assign them to one topic area though to make it easier to find things.

Here are some tasks we think are particularly good for Years 7 to 11, but which don’t fit well in one of the other categories.

[Last update 18 July 2020]

Year  Theme/Description Activity Type /Maths content Task summary Printer  You will need
Y7 to Y11 NRICH poster problems Problem solving A new problem posted every weekday during summer 2020 No Pencil
Y7 to Y8 ATM Mathematical Snacks Problem solving Videos to kick off a question No
Y7 to Y10 Around the world Investigation Calculate how long it takes to travel to destinations around the globe. Then explore a planned vacuum tube train. Optional Internet access
Y7 – Y12 Futoshiki Logic Reasoning, inequality signs A puzzle requiring logic skills. Accessible as “easy” or “difficult”. Optional Paper and pencil or computer
Y7 to Y11 1 step, 2 step Investigation Reasoning, simplifying, patterns Find how many ways … No Pen and paper
Y7 to Y8 How close to 100 Strategy game  Multiplication Area Roll dice and draw rectangles Optional 2 dice, pen and paper