Overview of Post-16 work groups

Code Project Description Booking
 NCP 19-14 Supporting Post-16 GCSE Resit Work Groups This project aims to explore effective ways of teaching key content of the new GCSE to resit students. Working collaboratively, teachers of resit groups from schools, colleges and FE will develop and share effective ways to approach GCSE, with a focus on issues particularly affecting this sector such as: student confidence and motivation, condensed timeframe, and large student numbers. Book here
 NCP 19-21 Supporting Core Maths Work Groups This project provides support for departments offering Core Maths. It enables teachers to develop robust teaching approaches through collaboration and effective use of existing resources. The Work Group is run in partnership between the Maths Hubs Network and the Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP). Participants will gain understanding of the philosophy of Core Maths – with its approach to maths through contextualised problem-solving – and will appreciate the different Core Maths courses. Book here
NCP 19-23 Developing Pedagogy in A Level Mathematics This project provides support for developing the quality of teaching in response to the demands of the new specifications for A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Run in partnership with the AMSP, Work Groups in this project aim to develop knowledge of content and requirements of the new A levels and understand the purpose of the overarching themes. Book here