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Cambridge Maths Hub is one of a network of 40 Maths Hubs in England, each locally led by an outstanding school or college.

CAM Academy Trust is proud to be the base for the Cambridge Maths Hub which is promoting excellence in maths teaching across Cambridgeshire including Peterborough, West Suffolk, King's Lynn and West Norfolk. The Hub supports teachers in the continual process of improving educational standards for students in our region from the youngest child in Early Years Foundation Stage to Post-16 education.

2020-21 Programmes

All Work Group activity for the foreseeable future will take place online. This worked very well during the summer term.
We hope you will join us at a Work Group to think about, reflect on and improve our practice as maths teachers.

Express an interest in a Work Group for 2020-21
You can find information about the Work Groups that will be available in 2020-21 here and can sign up to be kept informed.

Secondary Mastery Advocates

In 2020/21 all Maths Hubs are participating in a Network Collaborative Project developing secondary mathematics teaching for mastery. As part of this project, Secondary Mastery Specialists in each hub area will be offering support to schools interested in developing teaching for mastery approaches in their own mathematics departments. Each specialist, who has completed the second year of a national program, will work with two teachers from each participating maths department. The two teachers, known as ‘Mastery Advocates’, will be supported by the specialist to lead teaching for mastery development with all staff in their own department.

Maths Hubs are therefore now looking to recruit schools and their maths departments to participate in this exciting and innovative project as members of these Mastery Development Work Groups. The application form is here.

More information about secondary teaching for mastery Work Groups is available on the NCETM website.

Mastery Readiness

Over 60% of Cambridgeshire primary schools have now participated in the teaching for mastery programme and more than 8000 primary schools across the country.

Mastery Readiness for new primary groups will start in September 2020. Click here for information and application.

Covid-19: Home Learning

In response to Covid-19 a working group in the Maths Hub are collating easy-to-use maths resources. These are intended to support teachers, parents and children from yr 1 - yr 12. Many others are collating videos and worksheets. We are focusing on enrichment material that children find engaging and, where possible, can be completed away from the computer. We hope you enjoy using and doing them. There are some lovely family activities. Resources can be found here.
"Thanks so much for the Maths HUB links (and the work that’s gone into putting those together) – it looks brilliant! Also the best organised I think I’ve ever seen in terms of a collection of resources that actually has the information you need to decide which tasks you might be interested in/would fit the purpose without having to click through all the links yourself. So thank you too to whoever was responsible for that aspect! I’ve just forwarded it onto all our staff."
Many thanks to Mark Dawes, Katie Crozier, Beth McGreer, Livia Mitson and Catriona Shearer for compiling them.