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Cambridge Maths Hub is one of a network of 40 Maths Hubs in England, each locally led by an outstanding school or college.
CAM Academy Trust is proud to be the base for the Cambridge Maths Hub which is promoting excellence in maths teaching across Cambridgeshire including Peterborough, West Suffolk, King’s Lynn and West Norfolk. The Hub supports teachers in the continual process of improving educational standards for students in our region from the youngest child in Early Years Foundation Stage to Post-16 education.

Are you interested in high quality maths professional development?

Almost two thirds of primary and secondary schools in our region are already involved in the teaching for mastery programme.

What opportunities are available?

  1. Primary Mastery Readiness programme (most of our region) or Developing mastery (if your school is in Cambridge or South Cambs). Now Full.
  2. Sign up to become a Secondary Mastery Development School – Download an application pack here.
  3. Apply here  to participate in the Mastering Number Programme(Autumn start)
  4. Mastering Number – Embedding the Impact application(for cohort 1 schools)

If you would like to talk with a Specialist, the programme leader or a local headteacher about the benefits of getting involved, please email admin@cambridgemathshub.org for further details.

Express interest for 2022-23 Programmes here.

What are the benefits of being involved?

  • All teachers in the department/school developing a deep understanding of the principles and pedagogies underpinning successful teaching in maths
  • Teachers developing teaching, planning and assessment practices which support a high quality first teaching
  • The lead teacher(s) developing their own understanding, practice, and leadership skills in supporting collaborative professional development within and beyond school.
  • Developing a clear set of principles, policies, practices, and systems (including curriculum and staffing/timetable developments) which support high quality delivery of maths in the classroom
  • Developing effective use of materials and resources to support the design of well-crafted lessons to support teaching
  • Students developing a deep understanding of the mathematical ideas they are taught so that they fully meet the aims of the National Curriculum (fluency, reasoning and problem-solving)

What are they saying?

“The programme is the best curriculum programme we have ever engaged with… As a vehicle for enabling a maths department to collaborate, it is fantastic”“The programme has positively changed the engagement of our students”

“Working on maths mastery has energised all of our maths team, encouraging lively debate and active pursuit of the best classroom practice”

“Getting involved with Cambridge Maths Hub as a Teaching for Mastery Specialist has been brilliant as it has allowed me to discuss ideas and collaborate with a range of like-minded teachers. Most of our students genuinely enjoy their maths lessons and love that we provide them with the opportunity to discuss and share ideas to unpick the concepts we are learning.” Mastery Specialist.

Watch our videos of teachers who are engaged in the programme here: