How close to 100

How close to 100: Task Instructions

  • This game is played in partners. Two people share a blank 100 grid. You can copy it or print it off. If you can’t find a partner, play by yourself.
  • The first partner rolls two number dice. Here are some interactive dice if you need them.
  • Draw a rectangle that size eg if you threw 1 and 3 draw a rectangle 1 by 3 on the grid (see picture below)
  • You can put the rectangle anywhere on the grid but the goal is to fill up the grid to cover as many small squares as possible.
  • The second player then rolls the dice and draws a rectangle on the grid.
  • The game ends when both players have rolled the dice and cannot put any more rectangles on the grid.
  • How close did you get to 100?
  • Can you do better?

Other ideas: play against someone by using two grids

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