Lesson Design

Primary teaching for mastery focused issue

Schools that have made a significant commitment to teaching for mastery in their curriculum planning are invited to nominate two teachers for the Work Group. It is recommended that schools have participated in a TRG Work Group, but this is not essential. One of the teachers attending the Work Group should be in a middle or senior leadership role (ideally the Maths Lead), with experience and expertise in teaching for mastery. It will also be suitable for schools that have taken up textbook match funding and are looking for support with good use of the new resources.

What is involved?

Participants attend a meeting for one day per term with all the other schools in the Work Group.

There is also one further day per term, which involves a meeting with the two teachers from another school in the Work Group to enable joint planning and observation of each other’s lessons. This has a particular focus on the small steps required in teaching for mastery.

Intended Outcomes

Participants should gain a deep understanding of the elements of effective lesson design and how the big ideas of mastery influence this, particularly regarding small steps of learning. They will be able to make good decisions about what to include or leave out, and when to supplement the materials with their own.

Teachers are expected to share their learning with others teaching maths in their school, and that this will influence the whole school’s maths lesson planning.

The impact of small steps lesson planning and learning will be seen by progress shown in children’s books.

Venue 1: Stanton Community Primary School, Bury St Edmunds. IP31 2AW

Dates: 11th November 2019, 4th March, 23rd June

Venue 2: Stapleford Primary School, Bar Lane, Stapleford CB22 5BJ

Dates: 31st January, 13th March, 26th June