EAL – a two-way process

by Mark Dawes, Nov 2018

Pupils who do not have English as their first language face a number of challenges when learning mathematics and may need support in different ways.

There seem to me to be several issues for pupils with English as an Additional Language (EAL):

  1. Use of mathematics-specific vocabulary
  2. Use of ordinary English
  3. Other mathematical norms
  4. Use of mathematics in their first language.
  5. Individual differences

I will expand on each of these in turn.

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Desmos – the basics

(by Mark Dawes, Nov 2018)

At a recent meeting several teachers expressed interest in hearing more about Desmos.  Here is an introduction to using the software.

Desmos is graph drawing software (and more, but that’s what we’ll focus on here) that is available via an app (for tablets and phones) or a website.

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What does a good maths book look like?

by Cordelia Myers

A group of secondary Head teachers asked me to consider “What does an effective maths lesson look like?” (a fascinating topic to think about). They then asked: “What does a good maths exercise book look like?” I have found this difficult. I have read around the topic, thought about it and asked a variety of respected colleagues. There is very little consensus.

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Observing a maths lesson

by Cordelia Myers


This thinking was initiated by the Fenland Headteachers. They asked me to consider: “What does an effective maths lesson look like with the new emphases?” They wanted to know what to look for in an observation and how should this be different from previous observations.

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